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pain in hip

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edit important variables such as: demo: duration, demo: age, injury skin, bruises on leg(s), life: Injured, warmth in skin, pain during walking
related types of physicians - orthopedic surgeon, general practitioner, internist
Strains and sprains - pulled muscles, tendons or ligaments
a.k.a sprains and strains
Trauma - injury
a.k.a multiple injuries
'trauma' is considered a medical emergency
Trauma leg(s) - leg injury
a.k.a injury to leg
'trauma leg(s)' is considered a medical emergency
Contusion - bruising from blunt trauma
a.k.a bruise
Gout - type of arthritis due to deposition of urate crystals
a.k.a metabolic arthritis, primary gout
Overuse injury - chronic irritation to a part of the body
Laceration - tear in tissue
a.k.a wound, cut
'laceration' is considered a medical emergency
Iliotibial band syndrome - common running injury with pain on outer aspect of knee or thigh
a.k.a ILBS
Trauma joints - injury to joints
'trauma joints' is considered a medical emergency
Bursitis - inflammation of bursa or fluid-filled sac (bursa) that lies between a tendon and skin, or between a tendon and bone

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