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abdominal pain above pubic bone

The results should NOT be considered a diagnosis. Please consult your health care provider.
edit important variables such as: fever, painful urination in females, demo: duration, difficulty urinating in females, demo: age, urinary hesitancy in females, life: pregnancy
related types of physicians - general practitioner, internist, gastroenterologist
Viral gastroenteritis - stomach flu
a.k.a gastro, gastric flu, stomach flu
Urinary tract infection - infection in the kidneys or bladder
a.k.a UTI
Consumption of gas producing foods - eating food that produces gas
Cystitis - bladder infection
Trauma - injury
a.k.a multiple injuries
'trauma' is considered a medical emergency
Constipation - difficulty having bowel movements
Pregnancy - carrying of one or more embryos or fetuses in the womb
a.k.a graviditas
Fecal impaction - hard difficult to expel stool stuck in rectum in individual with chronic constipation
Retained placenta - piece of placenta remaining in uterus after childbirth
'retained placenta' is considered a medical emergency
Spontaneous abortion - miscarriage
a.k.a Miscarriage, spontaneous loss of fetus before 20 weeks gestation
'spontaneous abortion' is considered a medical emergency

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