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what is 'blood pressure management'?

Definition for Blood Pressure Management

Blood Pressure Management is also known as: High Blood Pressure Management, Management of blood pressure

Blood Pressure Management is a medical procedure used for such diagnoses as: angina pectoris, atherosclerosis and congestive heart failure.

related diagnosis for 'blood pressure management'
1 - 5 of 15 diagnosis
angina pectoris
chest pain due to decreased blood supply to heart muscle
hardening of arteries
congestive heart failure
heart unable to pump adequate blood to rest of body
coronary artery disease
narrowing of small blood vessels decreasing blood supply to the heart muscle
diabetes mellitus type 2
multisystem disease due to insulin resistance and high blood sugar
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related procedure for 'blood pressure management'/associated diagnoses
1 - 5 of 110 procedures
Maintain Healthy Weight
Blood Pressure monitoring
body mass index
Nutritional counseling
diet modification
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related medication for 'blood pressure management'/associated diagnoses
1 - 5 of 110 drugs
lisinopril(zestril , prinivil)
atenolol(tenormin )
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vascular problems

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