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acute paranoid reaction

  years old with for 3 days | drinks alcohol daily [±]
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Cocaine abuse - cocaine addiction
'cocaine abuse' is considered a medical emergency
Psychosis - condition of not being in touch with reality
'psychosis' is considered a medical emergency
Schizophrenia - psychiatric condition in which a person is unable to differentiate between real and unreal experiences
Drugs and toxins - adverse effects of drugs and toxins
a.k.a drug overdose or poisoning
'drugs and toxins' is considered a medical emergency
Marijuana Abuse - marijuana addiction
a.k.a pot. cannabis, THC
'marijuana abuse' is considered a medical emergency
Personality disorders - behavior that is markedly different from expected causing interpersonal problems
a.k.a Character disorders
Substance abuse - abusing drugs
a.k.a substance abuse and dependence, substance abuse and dependence
'substance abuse' is considered a medical emergency
Depressive Psychosis - psychosis with depression
Major depressive disorder - extremely sad mood disruptive to social functioning
a.k.a major depression
Variegate porphyria - multisystem disorder resulting from defects in heme production

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